Language, in spoken as well as in written form, is the basis of most of my work, which entails animated films, videos, photographs, collages, texts and textiles.

collect sentences. These sentences are rearranged to make collages which usually don’t have a specific plot or narrative. Instead, structures and patterns are revealed.

I like to scrutinize TV programmes in a humorous  way or to expose both, their basic and specific structure. Works which have evolved from this method include advertisments (“Sicherheit“, 2002), war reporting („Wartime Conditions“, 2004), shopping TV („Stricken mit Vroni“, 2004), soap operas (Tele-Dialog“, 2005), the classical prime time crime film („Tintenkiller“, 2009), regional news reports („V heute“, 2012) and the language of politics („In erster Linie“, 2016). 

My specialty is the mostly hand-crafted animated film, which gets digitally refined. I do use digital processing, but the great challenge is to create motion with many hundreds of individual images that are done by hand, which also makes the final piece of work carry my personal thumbprint.